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7 slimming tips or can make you ...

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Now is a period of thin for the good, we all look forward to living out of their own "walking clothes rack". Weight loss such as plastic surgery, that not only can improve my aura, but also more 向日葵美容 to physical and mental health, obesity is very easy to cause three high disease.

In fact weight loss focus on specific methods, the big guys should be based on their own physical qualities, pick the appropriate way, stick to the end may gradually become thin.

The actual weight loss focus on specific methods, the people should be based on their own physical quality, pick the appropriate way, adhere to the end may gradually become thin.

The actual way to get the most out of your own body.

Morning 2 perseverance

1, persistently wake up early a glass of water

Weight loss period to drink more water is very core, people are made of water, more water can be carried out on the body flushing out endotoxins and waste, more beneficial to physical and mental health, at the same time can also do to promote the actual effect of digestion, 向日葵美容 fluids to be more beneficial to weight loss.

A glass of water in the morning is very critical, because I passed a night's rest, the body is extremely little water, this time the blood night content is also very high, a glass of water can dissolve the blood concentration value, the intestines and stomach to carry out flushing, remove endotoxins and waste, with the actual effect of weight loss, can also make the skin watery, more glossy.

But this cup of water people must pay attention to, it is best to be close to the human body temperature of 38 degrees up and down, do not have to be too cold and not too hot, and people are best to drink plain water, but also moderate honey water, do not have to pick salt water or fruit juice.

2, persistently eat breakfast

Many people in the weight loss period is immediately do not eat breakfast, think that weight loss more quickly, in fact, this view is a mistake, because the middle of the morning 7:00 to 9:00 is a faster basal metabolism time range, this time after dining 向日葵美容 will be quickly dissolved by the body, for everyone's body to give kinetic energy, but also can make us a full morning full of vitality.

If we do not eat breakfast in the morning, through the rest of the night, hunger, this time will cause the stomach metabolism a lot of gastric juice, leaching gastric mucosa caused by gastrointestinal disorders, and do not eat in the morning, to 10:00 up and down will feel especially hungry, unable to focus on work and study training.

Do not eat breakfast in the morning, in the afternoon will feel very hungry, this time it is very easy to take too many ingredients, resulting in calorie deposits, which is not conducive to weight loss.

Meal 3 standards

Standard one: refrain from tapioca starch & sugar

The same meal, in the meal selection of how the main food is very core, although we can not leave the three meals a day, but in the weight loss period to reduce the supply of meals, especially white rice, buns, fresh noodles, a variety of porridge these, that is very easy to cause blood sugar, but also very easy to cause calorie deposition, so we can replace the weight loss period with mixed grains.

There are some people in the weight loss period will eat sweet potatoes, steamed pumpkin these kinds of ingredients also with tapioca starch, if you eat too much words is also not conducive to weight loss, people in the weight loss period is best to eat high dietary fiber ingredients, such as oats, barley, etc.

Standard two: fill high quality protein

Many people in the weight loss period is not to eat human fat ingredients, like a variety of meat products immediately do not eat, that is very easy to lead to a lack of nutrition, and then the occurrence of low blood sugar, although the green plant is also soy protein, but far less than the digestibility of animal protein.

In fact, in the weight loss period, we also want the supply of protein, protein can give kinetic energy for everyone, especially according to the sports fitness weight loss more must ingest a lot of high protein food, people should pick quality fat, such as beef and lamb, chicken breast, fish.

Standard three: prevent organic chemical plus & production processing ingredients

Many people in order to better convenience in the usual eat too many additives and its production class of food category, the big guys in the usual choice of ingredients, must need to look at the details of the ingredients on the package, if there are many ingredients sign does not understand, the big guys need to consider to let go of the hand, which may be some organic chemical additives.

Night two do not have to

1, do not have to eat late night snack

For people in the weight loss period, dinner is very critical, everyone's metabolism is about 4 hours up and down, if it is between 10:30 to go to sleep, then we have to allocate dinner at 6:30 up and down, no later than 7:00.

It is best to pick some fresh fruits or vegetables and fruits with light taste at night, some people are likely to feel hungry at 10 o'clock at night, and at this time they will eat late night snacks, which will enhance the gastrointestinal pressure and will also endanger sleep, and at the same time it is easy to cause calorie deposition causing obesity.

Therefore, people should not eat at night, must get up early and go to bed early, that can prevent hunger, if indeed more hungry, can drink a glass of warm milk.

2, do not stay up late

Sleep can not only make the skin stronger, but also can actually do the actual effect of weight loss, because we can get up early and go to bed early to allow the normal operation of various body functions, more beneficial to the repair of various human organs and body detoxification, to assist in the discharge of endotoxins and waste in the body, but also to accelerate the dissolution of body fat, and at the same time can prevent starvation at night.

In conclusion: if the guys are also the idea of losing weight, why not ensure the above 7 points, to develop such good habits, you will find their own weight will also quietly drop.

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